Rotherham Town Centre Masterplan

Street scene with shoppers and Grimm and Co in the background

The Rotherham Town Centre Masterplan sets out an exciting number of developments that will transform and revitalise the town centre, with a vibrant leisure scheme on Forge Island, attractive outdoor spaces, revitalised markets complex and high quality riverside and urban living.

The plan is bold but it is also realistic. The opportunities for growth and regeneration have been identified and are translating into key projects which can bring about transformational change.

Rotherham Council is taking a pro-active approach to developing the town centre. Through its various activities including use of public landholdings, through direct investment, through the facilitation of government funding, through partnerships with the private sector and through planning powers, Rotherham Council is working tirelessly to see the plan delivered.

The Masterplan focuses on developing the economic vitality of Rotherham town centre, and aims to bring more life, activity and spending back into the town centre.

At the heart of the Masterplan is an improved visitor experience utilising the attractive waterside location, improved and additional public spaces and feature buildings, and providing new places to eat, drink, shop and visit. The Forge Island development will include a new cinema, hotel, restaurants whilst the residential project will mirror efforts being made to improve the leisure offer, bringing housing to three key disused sites, and more people living in the town centre.

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